Register as a seller

You may continue to display your products and goods on our site as long as you comply with the terms of sale and the applicable privacy policy which aim to control the buying and selling process between the buyer and the seller and all parties. In case of violation of the terms and offer the product or goods listed in the caution list, We hope to adhere to the privacy policy and use to take advantage of the enormous marketing capabilities of the bead shop at wholesale price, especially as the privacy terms are fully aimed at customer service and compliance with the law, so must adhere to the following conditions:


1. Respect for property rights

For your sake, our honorable client, we will maximize our commitment to the right of ownership so that no one else will infringe on your property rights so as to ensure your right to the rights of others. We take strict action on any violations of property rights that others make against you and against others, The first action we take once you have policies contrary to the usage policy is to disable the account and it is up to you to inform the owner of the property rights in order to protect the rights of others.


2 - Warning of counterfeit products

It is our policy to remove the account and stop its activity if a counterfeit or unrealistic product is discovered by the sellers because it reduces consumer confidence. There are a number of different forms of counterfeiting, all of which are subject to a stop-action procedure such as the discovery of refurbished goods taken from third party goods, Goods and products that violate the property rights of third parties This policy in order to preserve property rights.


3. Commitment towards consumers

We respect the consumer in the first place for us so we take firm action to ensure the right of the consumer we impose a penalty policy on the sellers who return in their obligations with consumers, which is done with the cases where the application is canceled after the approval of the purchase order "Confirmation of purchase" Delay in purchase order.


4 - clarity of product information

The product should not be unclear, the brand is not present, the basic information that reveals the product's identity, and any errors in the product information are misleading to the consumer, so be careful to put the correct information.

5. Product safety

The customer shall receive the item and the product he wishes to buy in the same condition as stated in the declaration as agreed. This is a top priority for us. Therefore, the buyer must deliver the goods in good condition.


6. The obligation not to publish prohibited content

We place specific terms and conditions for the content text that must be adhered to when publishing the content of the ad text and the content of the product details to ensure that the content does not violate the terms of the proper content. You are responsible for all the information, details and attachments attached to your advertisement, so you must comply with the terms of the content. from here " … "

7. Full liability for infringement of property rights

In the event of a problem or dispute between you and the user or any third party claiming that your advertisement has infringed your rights, you will be solely responsible for all provisions and penalties that may result from such improper practices, including liability and costs incurred Disputes ranging from assessment, review, investigation, etc.

8. Compliance with penal conditions

In the event of any breach of the terms and conditions of the user's policy towards the user or any third party infringing on his property rights, it will cost you to be penalized with a fine and stop the payment of your financial compensation to compensate the victim.