Payment and delivery

Payment options

Payement when recieving

You can pay directly when you receive your order.


Pay by credit card on PayPal

Secure credit card payment on PayPal, with all special guarantees for your money paid until you receive your order.

For the purchase value, you can use Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Maestro cards. Money is deducted directly from the cardholder. In addition, Paypal offers reliable protection by powerful data encryption tools.

Bank transfers

Pay easily to transfer the value of the application from your account to the official institution's account, with all the special guarantees for your money paid until you receive your application.

You can transfer directly from online banking, ATM, bank phone, or bank branches.

Connection options

Simsa Express

We ship all your orders within 24 hours of paying the bill through Simsa Express. Your order takes only 24 hours to most cities in Saudi Arabia, or to 3 business days.

We provide delivery service at home or at work and are available for example in Riyadh - Jeddah - Mecca - Medina

(For availability of home delivery in your city, please contact Samsa Express Customer Service at 920009999)

To receive your application at home, please register the Wasel Address. And note when you finish your application at home or at work.

Cost of delivery

We bear the full shipping cost for your order according to the following conditions:

- FREE SHIPPING For more 200 SAR orders, we bear full shipping fee.

- Delivery of 35 riyals for orders less than 200 riyals, we bear part of shipping costs to relieve customers.


Connect to all Saudi cities via Aramex.